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Organisational Change

Anvthing YOU can do.
YOU can do even 'BETTER with our help!

Our highly experienced Prosci Certified Change Practitioners are specialists in variety of industries and help organizations navigate through organizational change programs
We customize our approach to match each organization's unique needs





VUCA = new norm..... of  Volatility, Uncertainty, Complexity, Ambiguity organizations

must constantly remain resilient & adapt to changes to maintain & increase performance 


WORLD IS CHANGING Change is new norm.

VUCA must constantly adapt to change.

Increasing rate of change

Less clarity about future uncertainty

Multiplicity of decision factors

There may be no right answer 'PEOPLE' make change happen.


Key to success is employees adapting their mindset to support the organizational transitions or programs fail. 


CHANGE is not easy...but it can be done!

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Accredited Professional Coaching For Transformational Change Certification - ACC Level


Accredited Master Coaching For Transformational Change
Certification - PCC Level

Team Meeting
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Master Team Coach

Team Coach Level 2 Practitioner 

Looking For Team Coaching? Contact us Now! 

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Become Global #1  International Coaching Federation

ICF Accredited Coach --

Find Out How We Fully Support You All the Way to earn Your ICF Credentials ACC to PCC !

Next ACC-PCC Level

Monthly Intakes


Level 1:  ACC Pathway ( 3 Month - 66hr Program)

ACC Intakes

**100% ZOOM**
22 FEB - 30 MAY - Evening (CANTO)  (CLOSED)
 23 & 24 MARCH (Weekend) + Evening weekly Apr - Jun (ENGLISH) 
11 & 12 MAY  (Weekend) + Evening weekly  May - Aug (ENGLISH)

15-16 JUNE *** Weekend Kick off + Evening Zoom weekly (CANTO)

21-22 SEPT*** Weekend Kick-off + Evening Zoom weekly (ENGLISH)

Investment worthy courses

Early Bird - HKD 19,700 or USD 2,525 * and up
Promo: HKD 22,700 with Monthly Plans
Last Minute Registration: HKD 26,000

You may Top Up to Level 2
Discount on PCC BUNDLE

( Level 1+ Level 2)

Level 2: PCC Pathway (4 Month - Top up 62 hr Program)

PCC Intakes

24 Feb - Graduate 30  June (CLOSED)
** (CANTO) Zoom Weekend Kick Off + Evening 

6 - 7 April
-  Graduate 16  Sept 
*** (ENGLISH) Zoom Weekend + Evening  
25 - 26 May  - Graduate  26 Oct 
*** (CANTO) Zoom Weekend + Evening
22 June -  Graduate 7 Dec
*** (ENGLISH) Zoom Weekend + Evening

**ACC PCC Bridging Courses**
Training, Mentor & Exam Support

if you have some prior ICF Coach-specific training hours
to continue your Pathway to ACC, PCC or renewal for more
Talk to us - NO obligation!!!

** Ask For Updated Classes  May  -  Dec **

**Global Weekday Class Special for Corporations** (Ask for Details)

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