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Business Plan

Research indicates the most powerful method to help people transform is


to think for themselves & to uncover their own solutions.


This is accomplished by coaching them to be insightful, develop new habits & thinking to formulate solutions based on their thinking. They take PERSONAL OWNERSHIP of the 'PROBLEM' & 'SOLUTION' Once they shift their mindset

to 'thinking for themselves", the brain supports & encourages the new habits which slowly become embedded and hard-wired.

People are more 'different' than alike. We hear things differently


For Example: Most executives try to do all the thinking for their staff. They tell them what & how to do, push solutions, try to change others thinking or assuming they see things exactly the same way.

Their solutions are based on their experience & brain wiring. They tell others what they think assuming their brain works exactly the same & convinced it is what the individual should do

Thinking for others is NON-PRODUCTIVE.

Essentially it gets in the way of working out the solutions. Consider the advice you offer daily & how much is truly useful to the receiver. Advice must be given in the form of

'Story-Telling', examples, suggestions, NOT telling.

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