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P21 Clients & Testimonials 

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We Specialize in Executive Coaching
16+ Years Experience

Inspiring leaders to... manage VUCA World of constant change.

Our executive coaching is a proven, effective method that strengthens leaders' hard skills (IQ) & EQ & AQ 'soft skills' .along with self-awareness assessment.

P21 Associates are seasoned business professionals having worked with Global MNCs & governments... are ICF Certified ACC, PCC Executive Coaches.


"100 Best Global Coaching Leaders 2018" 

"101 Top Global Coaching Leaders 2019" 

"Top Coaching Talent Hong Kong 2020"

"CEO Today Executive Coach 2022"


Our customized, proven effective, Executive Coaching programs are evidence-based on the latest behavioral, neuroscience studies, leadership research & our popular leadership coaching book...

"What Great Leaders (Should) Know" ...designed to help professionals.

"Be Themselves, Only Better"


Coaching Programs Designed for

C-suite, Senior & Mid-level 

- Taking on higher responsibility role

- Facing VUCA challenges in current role

- Recently joined the organization

 - Ensure Team alignment with organizational vision


Emerging Talent

- Strengthen leadership skills & prepare for future roles

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What some great leaders say.... about their coaching experience

Every Client is our great leadership partnership in Empowering the World through

Transformational Coaching !

"To give you some feedback on my coaching experience.


First of all I need to say that so far the overall experience and benefits have exceeded my initial expectations. Thanks to your Coach's patience, sensitivity and acumen I have been able to give a name to my demons. I understand getting the best of them will be a long process but now that I have clearly identified how they influence me I am very confident that I will prevail.


One of the most useful techniques I have been practicing with your Coach concerns the management of under performing colleagues. He has taught me to transform the negative ions of the situation into a transforming and positive force. I have also learned that one of the most important quality people expect from leader is consistence. It is not easy but it is very rewarding.


During the last session last week Robert and I discuss my objectives for the coming 90 days. I look forward to more improvements."

Managing Director  MNC Hong Kong


What is your opinion of the coaching engagement?

Engagement was high on both sides, coach and coachee. I think my engagement resulted in an accelerated pace of awareness and knowledge intake early on.


What knowledge and skills did you learn during the coaching sessions?

Knowledge acquired is mainly around the following aspects: bring change in people and in myself by "new wiring" as opposed to "fixing"; stop telling and start asking; coach people with a process (it is not just a casual conversation).


Skills that I developed are: improve relationship management with direct reports to bring about more creativity into the organization; develop more open relationship with my direct reports; bring stronger rapport with direct reports; encourage people to find answers in themselves by asking powerful questions.


What learning did you apply to your role that resulted in proven successes?

Ask questions, powerful questions, to uncover solutions and answers within others. Tell less, ask more. I don't need to have all the answers, I only need to have all the questions. We, people, are "wired" in many different ways and knowing my reports "traits" can help me improve my communication with them.


What personal transformations do you feel you have experienced?

I give greater attention to empowering my people / managers.  I focus more on discovering the greatness in others and leverage it for the benefit of the organization.


What would you say to someone considering working with your coach?  Go for it!


What do you feel is the ROI to your organization?

I believe the ROI is tangible and can be appreciated in the staff retention, the business growth of South region (region I am responsible for) as well as the improvement in the openness in the relationships within my management team. 

General Manager, MNC China



Meet Some of Our Master Coaches & Multi-Lingual Trainers
Hong Kong | Singapore | USA


Our Founders, Facilitators & Designers were awarded "101 Top Global Coaching Leaders" at World Coaching Congress by HRD
Conference & CHRO Asia 2018 & 2019 , CEO Today Executive Coach and more...  Seasoned C-Suite Executive Coaches with 15 - 20 years experience coaching individuals, professionals, designing & facilitating leadership coaching training programs for well-known MNCs.

Building Leadership Capabilities through Executive Coaching

based on our P21 Leadership Series

"What Great Leaders (Should) Know .. In Chaotic Times"

- To Maximize Performance- To Reinvent Organization


"Clean Language Coaching: Deeper Transformation"


by Dr Robert Edmonson & Ms Margie S Poon

(C-Suite Coach & Master Trainer for MNCs including

Microsoft, Aon, Bosch, Celestica, APG, SunLife, Cigna,

Deloitte, Fresenius, Abbvie, Li & Fung  & more)

100 Global Executive Coaches 

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Coaching Certification Trainers 

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Our focus is on how can we help your organization achieve its expectations and objectives. We provide the direction, alignment & strategic actions to help individuals & organisations uncover, and unleash their full potential to achieve sustainable performance.

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