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'Group | Team' Coaching Engagement
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Q1-Q2 2023
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"Team Coaching  Certification Program"  Level 1, Level 2, Level 3
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About Us

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 Leadership Coaching
Group | Team 


Even more challenging is getting participants to remember the information,
We Know How!
change behaviors, then be motivated to use the knowledge at work! 

Training not an one-off Event....It's a Memorable Experience!

Our client-tailored dynamic programs are evidence-based,

self-directed, highly interactive including interesting videos,

practical business tools combined with

individual & group activities

embedding NEW thinking, mindsets, behaviors

& habits - 



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Team Coach Level 1

Foundation Level


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Team Coach Level 2 Practitioner 

Practitioner Level


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Master Team Coach

Level 3

Certified Master Team Coach Level

Top-up 20hr

Total 60hr


Linking Teams together for...

Synergy,  Sharing, Learning & Mutual Successes!



About Team Coaching Program


 Team Coaching is currently one of the fastest growing global professions. The  V.U.C.A.  world requires agile, flexible teams to adapt to constant change. 

The impact of Team Coaching...transforms and creates a Collaborative, Positive, Solution-focused Systemic Organizational Environment.

Our program meets International Coaching Federation (ICF) 8 Team Coaching Sub-Competencies with additional steps to earn the ICF Advanced accreditation Team Coaching (ACTC) credential. For details visit



Who Should Attend?



Our P21 Master Team Coaching certification program (MTC) is designed for individuals interested in expanding their 1:1 Coaching skills to Team Coaching



Program is appropriate for existing coaches, consultants, internal coaches.  Also, for HRM professionals, executives, leaders, and team managers to surface more effective ways to interact with teams.

Participants gain in-depth knowledge, skills, confidence and deeper insights, with a variety of proven, practical tools and expertise in coaching teams.  Completing the program participants have higher credibility as they become officially certified as a organizational Team Coach.


P21 Master Team Coaching Program



 Focus:  Training is directly related to coaching organizational teams

 Length:  Program includes 60hrs of pre-work, training, activities

 Program Delivery:  Highly interactive Includes blended in-person and virtual team coaching training. 

Feedback sessions along with certification guidance activities

 Requirements:  Participants preferably are currently studying ICF coach-specific training or have previously completed ICF accredited coach training program with minimum ACC credential.  Also have 1:1 coached professionals experience

 Certification:   Program is designed to meet ICF accreditation requirements in 2023-2024



Master Team Coach (MTC)    Levels


Level ONE:  Team Coaching Core Essentials

Understanding difference between Team, Group Coaching & Team Building.

How 'Individual' Executive Coaching & 'Team Coaching' differ but complement.  How to shift your 1:1 Coaching mindset to Team Coaching mindset.

Team Coaching sessions typical structure to use.  Understand Team Coaching basics related to ICF 8 Team Sub-Competencies & applying to Team Coaching sessions.


Interactive Learning + Reflections


 Level TWO:  Team Coach Practitioner with Toolkits

Team Coach uses variety of impactful activity tools to strengthen team performance, relationships & knowledge to identify solutions. 

  • Members create Ground Rules for all coaching sessions Tool. 

  • Using MITS® Tool members assess & discuss their work style & motivators.                                       

  • Team members assess the current Organizational Environment Tool to surface potential obstacles to project success

  • Gain insights into members personal drivers using Inspiration Tool


Interactive Learning + Reflections + Team Coaching Practices




Level THREE:  Certified Master Team Coach Practitioner

More tools to further create team harmony, collaboration, success, relationships

  • Members collaborate sharing knowledge learned from Past Projects Tool.

  • Members work together on how to avoid Potential Problems Tool.

  • Using Traffic Light Tool...members self-assess their performance

  • Re-stimulate members using Mid-Point Check-In tool to assess performance


Interactive Learning + Reflections + Team Coaching Practices


P21 Program Facilitators


 All P21 Facilitators are ICF Credentialed, experienced Executive, Group & Team Coaches. They establish a structured, comfortable, safe, supportive environment to inspire team members to strengthen relationships, openly collaborate & share knowledge, stretch thinking, expand perspectives, help members learn from others and more...

Ready to Become Team Coach?  

(Coaching Supervision will be offered at Practitioner Level to satisfy ICF requirements.  We shall provide information if you are interested in pursuing ICF Team Coach Certified via their Experience proof and other Exams criteria available also on ICF website current updates)

If you’re ready to transform yourself, others and the organization to reach new heights ---

Call us at +852 2892 7608 or 6336 7666

We are happy to schedule a confidential, no obligation meeting to discuss how we can help --- or simply send us a quick message to tell us your requirements at:


Level 1:  ACC Pathway ( 3 Month - 66hr Program)
   Global English Class B: March or April  (Kickoff zoom + weekly Evening Zoom) 

Cantonese Class C:  25 & 26 Mar ( Weekend In-Person Kickoff + Evening Zoom)
English Class D: 23 Apr ( Sunday Kickoff + Evening Zoom) (English)

You may Top Up to Level 2
Level 2: PCC Pathway (5 Month - Top up 62hr Program)
Global English Class B:       22 Apr - 15 Sept  (100% Zoom) 

Cantonese Class C:   27 May - 15 Nov   (100% Zoom) 
Global English Class D:   16 Jun - 30 Nov    (100% Zoom) 

Level 1_edited.png

Accredited Professional Coaching For Transformational Change Certification - ACC Level


Accredited Master Coaching For Transformational Change
Certification - PCC Level

Image by Hannah Busing

Organizations face constant change & challenges.

Group Coaching is powerful. It brings unity & purpose to individuals to adapt & unleash their full potential.


  • Sharing. Individually & collectively to discuss, reflect, share experiences to learn from each other

  • Learning. Benefit from the successes & challenges of others

  • Personal Development. Develop similar skills, address & clarify common issues to increase productivity & outcomes

  • Team Building. Strengthen affiliations, relationships & communication



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