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DO YOU NEED Coach Supervision

External Coaches- Do you have these issues?

  • What should I be including in my contracting ?

  • How much structure must there be in the session?

  • How do I end coaching with a client?

  • Who should I be involving in a corporate coaching contract?

  • How do I deal with multi-party contracting?

  • What if the organisation wants me to help them dismiss a coachee via coaching?(but they are not admitting this explicitly)?

  • Can I coach everyone in the same team?

  • Do I always follow the clients agenda; what if what they want is not what they originally said they wanted at contracting or even what the company wants?

  • Is my client dependent on me? Are they contacting me too much between sessions?

  • Am I allowing my need for increased business affect my decision on who to work with?

  • What can I do about a client who is just playing along in the coaching?

  • What if I know something about their situation at work that they don’t know?

  • Should I keep in touch with my clients at the end of coaching

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Internal Coaches?

Coaching Supervision is a vital service for the ongoing development and skill enhancement of coaches, resulting in the raising of coaching standards across the profession.  It is a specialised activity provided by a qualified practitioner and is increasingly regarded as a key success factor to practice effectively as a professional coach. Supervision can be delivered either to individual coaches or to groups of coaches.

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