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COACH with M+ DISC with Your Team


Why COACHING with MITS is Important?

Master People 

 Quickly with


Team Meeting

DISC Leadership Team Coach Certification

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DISC Leadership Team Coach Certification  

Inspire Change 
Influence Direction   Maximize Performance 

Our Clients

Team Meeting
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Master Team Coach

Looking For Team Coaching for Your Organization ?
or Find your Leaders to Learn Team Coaching 
or Get yourself a Team Coaching Certificate! 

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Level 1:  ACC Pathway ( 3 Month - 66hr Program)

***Special 2024 KICKSTART 6 JAN (ICF Program Info) +
Evening Zoom Training starts 9 JAN - Graduate in 12 APR

***February Zoom Intake (CANTO) - LNY KICKSTART 22 FEB Graduate in MAY

Contact now for Upcoming Schedules - Constantly updating..

 *ASK FOR Early Bird*
You may Top Up to Level 2
Level 2: PCC Pathway (4 Month - Top up 62 hr Program)

***Special 2024
***January Intake (ENG) KICKSTART 10 JAN - Graduate in May ** - ASK FOR DETAILS

Canto Class L2 :   24 Feb - 30  June  ( Zoom )
Global English L2:  19 March - 23 July ( Zoom )

**Global Weekday Class Special for Corporations** (Ask for Details)

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