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Level 1:  ACC Pathway ( 3 Month - 66hr Program)
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AE887)  11 Jun - 23 Sep -  Evening Zoom (ENGLISH)(CLOSE)
AC888) 15 -16 Jun **In-Person**
Weekend Intensive+ Zoom (CANTO)(CLOSE)
AE892)     21 Aug - 26 Nov  -  Evening Zoom (CANTONESE)(OPEN)
AE893)   12 Sept - 13 Dec  (ENGLISH) (OPEN)

AE895)   5 - 6 Oct ** In-Person** Weekend Intensive + Eve Zoom (ENGLISH) (OPEN)

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Level 2: PCC Pathway (4 Month - Top up 62 hr Program)
PCC Intakes

PC886)  6 Jun - 9 Nov  - Zoom (CANTONESE)(CLOSING)
PE890) 8 July - 4 Dec -   Zoom  (ENGLISH) (CLOSING)

PE894)  15 Oct - 18 Feb - Zoom (ENGLISH)(OPEN)

PC896)  23 - 24 Nov Weekend Zoom (CANTONESE)(OPEN)
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Our Facilitators & Designers were awarded "101 Top Global Coaching Leaders" at World Coaching Congress by HRD
Conference & CHRO Asia 2018 & 2019 , CEO Today Executive Coach and more...  Seasoned C-Suite Executive Coaches with 15 - 20 years experience coaching individuals, professionals, designing & facilitating leadership coaching training programs for well-known MNCs.



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- Professional Coaching For Transformational Change (PCTC) (60+hr)

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Certified Master Transformational Coach

- Master Coaching For Transformational Change (MCTC) (125+hr)

ICF Level 2 + Requirements + Apply for ICF-PCC Certificate & Credential 

Full Completion to Apply for 66hr and/or 128 hr Coaching Certificates of University of Sunderland for completed PCTC and MCTC levels

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We Specialize in Executive Coaching
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Inspiring leaders to... manage VUCA World of constant change.

P21 Associates are seasoned business professionals having worked with Global MNCs &  organizations are ICF Certified Executive Coaches.


Whether you need a single engagement or an organizational-wide program, we are here to fully support your organization to maximize the potentials of your valuable team!


Our P21 Executive Coaching Program is a proven, effective method that strengthens leaders' hard skills (IQ) & EQ & AQ 'soft skills' along with self-awareness assessment.


"100 Best Global Coaching Leaders 2018"

"Best Organizational Development Centre" 2019 

"101 Top Global Coaching Leaders 2019" 

"Top Coaching Talent Hong Kong 2020"

Only Winner Selected ICF Foundation Coaching Book Campaign 2021

"CEO Today Executive Coach 2022"

"Best Coaching Education Organization 2023"



Our customized, proven effective, Executive Coaching programs are evidence-based on the latest behavioral, neuroscience studies, leadership research & our popular leadership coaching book...

"What Great Leaders (Should) Know" ... designed to help professionals

"Be Themselves, Only Better"


Coaching Programs Designed for

C-suite, Senior & Mid-level 


Emerging Talent

- Taking on higher responsibility role

- Facing VUCA challenges in current role

- Recently joined the organization

 - Ensure Team alignment with organizational vision


- Strengthen leadership skills & prepare for future roles

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Leadership Training Programs

Ken - Business Development Director

"Fantastic array of coaching models, materials & tools with facilitators highly passionate, experienced & knowledgeable about coaching"




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      'FOUNDATION' -

LEVEL 1 for ACC Pathway

'Professional Coaching for Transformational Change



Pre-Reading: "What Great Leaders Should Know: To Maximize Performance; To Reinvent Organization

Intensive 2-Day Training  (Module 1 Coaching Core Foundation & NeuroCoaching Paradigm Coaching to Module 4 for Deeper Coaching for Transformational Change


+ Weekly Evening Coaching Practice

+ Full Mentoring Sessions

+ Homework

+ FINAL ACC LEVEL EVALUATION now administered by Paradigm21  Executive Leadership Coaching Academy Faculty since August 2022!

Monthly Intakes 

In Person + Zoom or

100% Online

Public &

In-House HR | Leaders 

English or Cantonese

Hong Kong - Singapore - USA





        'ADVANCED' -

LEVEL 2 for PCC Pathway

"Master Coaching For Transformational Change"




Top-up Program or Direct Pathway to PCC Level

*We Accept Transfer

of Hours Credit from other ICF Certification -

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English or Cantonese


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K. Wong - HR People Manager

"The Advanced PCC program clearly strengthened my Foundation ACC coaching skills. It was challenging, energizing & meaningful that further boosted my confidence & ability to successfully coach clients."

Our Clients Say

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" World-Class Contents with full Support from the Faculty to earn my ACC & PCC Credentials asap as I am getting more clients.  Everybody loves this Coaching Community of Coaches, Leaders, HR, L&D, Doctors, Lawyers & Change Agents .....  Highly recommend  you start now! "

Maryanne A.  Presentation Coach

What Paradigm21 (P21) Clients Say

Bernard Fung

Chairman | CEO AON Asia

"Great information that was very well delivered and the anecdotes and examples helped with understanding.
The session has given me practical skills and foundational theory to help me begin to coach others in a better way".

Charles W.

Senior Regional Director

Sales & Operation APAC 

Technology MNC

The coaching helped me surface solutions for everything that needed to be addressed. His experience, leadership and expertise stimulated my drive to fulfill my true potential. He inspires his clients to boost confidence in themselves and their capabilities due to his ongoing support, encouragement and guidance. He knows how to lead by examples, case studies and theories. I want to thank him for the positive difference he has made in my professional career."

Matthew P.

Senior Manager, Compliance

Finance MNC

"It gave everyone the opportunity to become more self-aware and practical ways to inspire others to improve productivity and results".

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What Clients say ....

 Our Faculty Coaching Training & Executive Coaching experience sharing ...... 


Congratulations to



Margie Poon is a professional coach and excellent teacher in coaching.  I enjoyed a lot and learnt much in coaching skills.  It is very valuable to have Margie to guide me in professional coaching and becoming a Certified ICF Coach.  Paradigm21 is like a big family.  Classmates and teachers always support each other to achieve our targets.  I strongly recommend Margie and Paradigm 21 to my friends.

- Ricky Ng   PCC,  General Manager, Cosco Shipping & Member Board of Director, Business Environment Council, Mentor Coach

Margie Poon is a very experienced coach and certified coach-maker. She is very engaging, thoughtful, and well-prepared, in delivering her workshops.  She provides customized support to move us ahead and get through the rigorous yet fulfilling (ICF ACC - PCC ) journey to become a truly ready certified coach with ICF.

- Alex Yeung  PCC,  HRD MNC  Shanghai & HK, Transformational Coach

I had the pleasure of working with Margie as my trainer and mentor.  Not only does Margie have extensive experience and knowledge in delivering ICF coaching programs, she is passionate and committed to the success of those she trains.  For anyone seeking to obtain coaching skills and or credentials, I cannot recommend a better trainer.

- Karen Chan  PCC, Global Projects Director at world's largest law firm

Margie is patient, experienced and knowledgeable coach who is also a great coach mentor and trainer.  I have attended her ICF ACC and PCC coaching programs, where she imparted a great amount of both theoretical and practical knowledge to us, enhancing our ability to be the best coaches we can be! Great work Margie!

- Brian Tsoi   PCC, General Manager, Airport Service Delivery, ex Head of Learning at Cathay Pacific, Leadership Coach 

I am happy to meet Margie and enrolled the coaching course. It is not only a course learning about coaching but also a transformational course to myself too. Coaching is some magical technique to drive people go further in life.

Margie is a fantastic teacher! Knows how to make everybody feel welcome, is very knowledgeable and competent, and handles the content in a way that is pleasant and easy to follow. Studying with her you will get you much practical experience, and that is a huge differential in her class. I am thankful to have joined her class at Paradigm21! Would recommend to anybody!

 - Erica de ABreu Santos Yanney PCC , Career Coach Pennsyvanlia USA

Highly recommended to take the classes.  The best training course with great Mentor I ever had before which lead me to achieve my ACC and PCC in the second year from International Coaching Federation.  Margie is a great professional executive coach. I learned a lot from her class and enjoyed the journey. She really transforms me. 

- Vivian Chong PCC, ex HR Director Oxford University Press, Executive Coach

What Clients Say....

Margie is a professional coach and mentor leading me to be a certified coach. Her Paradigm21 PCTC and MCTC Programs are structured and inspiring me to acquire the skills and knowledge for attaining the ICF credentials and standards. During the classes I enjoyed the learning atmosphere and being part of the family with the cohorts. I would strongly recommend Margie and the Paradigm21 to my network.

- Quincy Tam PCC,  Managing Partner, Hong Kong Executive Search, Shanghai

I am delighted to recommend Margie Poon for her excellent work as my ICF program trainer and coach mentor. Margie's teaching was incredibly useful and instrumental in my journey towards becoming a PCC accredited coach. 
Margie's expertise in coaching is unparalleled, and her ability to impart her knowledge in a way that is easily understandable and practical is impressive. Her teaching style is engaging and tailored to the needs of each individual, and she has an innate ability to inspire and motivate her students to reach their full potential. Through her guidance and mentorship, I was able to gain the skills and confidence necessary to become a successful coach. Margie's support was instrumental in helping me to navigate the ICF accreditation process with ease, and I am grateful for her unwavering commitment to my success. Overall, I highly recommend Margie Poon as an ICF program trainer and coach mentor. She is a true professional, and her dedication to her students' success is unparalleled. Thank you, Margie, for all that you have done for me, and I wish you all the best.

- Montana Chan  PCC,  ex L&D Director MNC HK, Shanghai, Transformational Coach

I started my coaching journey with Margie and the team at Paradigm21 in 2021, and I have now just finished my Professional Coaching Certification with the International Coaching Federation. Under the mentorship of Margie, I learned so much about what it means to be a coach, and I couldn't be happier with my experience on my coaching journey under the mentorship of Margie. If you are interested in becoming a coach, I would highly recommend that you join one of the coaching cohorts at Paradigm21, where you will be guided step by step by world class mentors, and a wonderful cohort community peers.

- John Keane  PCC,  ex Education Director, Wellness, Performance Coach

Margie showed up in my life when I needed guidance the most. I'm blessed to have joined Margie’s P21 MCTC course. I’d like to thank Margie for upholding such high standards and being an excellent mentor coach to me. Thank you for your help in making my dream (to be an ICF-PCC) a reality. Your guidance and shared experiences have been invaluable.

- Natina Wong  PCC,  CRE & FM Professional, ex-GM MNC, Transformational Coach

Margie Poon has been more than supportive towards my coaching journey. She has been sharing with us more than just her knowledge and skills but also her experience as a Transformational Coach.  She demonstrates nothing but positivity and commitment to see all of us sucessfully achieve the ICF accreditation.  Couldn't ask for a better mentor!

- Nalinrat Rattanajit ACC,  DIrector of L&D Shangri-la Hong Kong Global

Margie Poon is a wonderful coach, teacher and mentor. Her kind support and guidance are very much appreciated.  Also, the entire training program is so well structured for our busy students and organized that I would recommend to anyone who is interested in this field

- Anita Wong ACC,   Director Asia Legal Counsel 


Before joining Margie's Paradigm 21's coaching training program, I already had many lessons and training on coaching, from the "Grow" model to Nike/Apple's internal coaching trainings. I did not expect much when I signed up for this course, but I must say I am blown away by the experience. First, I love the way Margie worked hard to emphasize the difference between coaching, training, and consulting. This fundamentally changed how I worked with my clients and helped me focus my effort to become a better coach. I used to be all over the place. I would offer suggestions, take clients to solutions too soon, ignore clients' motivations, and "did the work for my client" instead of coaching them to find their own paths. I have evolved thanks to Margie's training. Second, the structure of the training was incredibly effective and supportive. Even though the training was conducted entirely via Zoom, due to COVID, the interaction and atmosphere was better than any of the in-person coaching training I have received in the past, even at my previous companies such as Nike and Apple. The trainer and facilitators made a considerable effort to make sure everyone got to participate without being pushy. They steered the conversation towards positivity, learning, and growth. They created a safe space for me to be vulnerable, which propelled me to thorough growth and ultimately, transformation. Lastly, I really appreciate the vast network of classmates and alumni from all the courses of Paradigm 21. I felt blessed to be in a community of folks who all shared the passion for personal growth and coaching/serving others. It's priceless to be able to find my own tribe! Thank you for this transformative experience. I am very grateful.

- David Siu  ACC,  Ex-GM  MNCs, Leadership Coach 


Margie guided us as our mentor in our journey to become transformational coaches at Paradigm21.  Throughout this journey, Margie involved us and pushed us out of our comfort zone to learn.  She was able to sustain our passion and enthusiasm by building social platforms for us to share and learn with other coaches globally.  Lastly by walking the talk, she has set the pace and cadence for us as future coaching leaders to help enrich others lives.  Thank you Margie.

- Kevin Yao  ACC,  Director Athlete Experience, Greater China, Nike, Shanghai China

I have found the learning experience from Margie extremely positive, the technique and approaches she taught me dramatically improved my coaching skills. She was very flexible and helpful. Her tips, tools, techniques, and suggestion was “spot on”. I am greatly thankful for that, it is enlightening, provoking, reflective and objective focus.

- Montana Chan  PCC ,  ex- L&D Director, MNC HK, Shanghai China, Executive Coach

What Clients say......

Thank you Margie for guiding me on the journey to achieve my International Coach Federation (ICF) coaching credentials. I would like to express my deepest appreciation for your support and expertise throughout the process.

Under your guidance, I successfully transitioned from an Associate Certified Coach (ACC) to a Professional Certified Coach (PCC). This ACC and PCC progression wouldn't have been possible without your unwavering commitment to excellence and your exceptional coaching skills.
Throughout the journey, you consistently demonstrated your professionalism, knowledge, and passion for coaching.  I particularly appreciated your insightful feedback and guidance during our coaching practice sessions. Your keen observation and constructive critique helped me develop a greater awareness of my strengths and areas for improvement. Your dedication to ensuring that we mastered the necessary coaching skills and techniques was evident in every session.

I recommend Paradigm 21 Group to anyone seeking an exceptional facilitator and coach.

- Deborah Leung PCC, L& D Customer Experience Learning Manager, Cathay Pacific

Never stop learning and I am so lucky to take the coaching program facilitated by Margie, she is patient and willing to answer all my questions, and give me the advice on how to go through the challenges during the coaching session. Through her class, I have learnt the coaching techniques which equip me to be a more competent coach. Great learning experience!

- Kanas Mok  ACC, Head of Human Resources, AIG HK, Macau & Taiwan

Very happy to have chosen paradigm 21 to be an ACC coach in couples of months. Margie train us with professionalism and passion. Margie is inspiring and create a confident atmosphere with her students. It's a pleasure to be part of this program.

- Jerome de Clarens  ACC, Former Soccer Star, Life , Wellness & Transformational Coach

Margie is the one encourage me to kick start on my coaching learning journey with her In this period of uncertainty. She’s passionate on her teaching and a caring person personally. She’s like a glue to stick our classmates together as a family, encouraging us to meet schoolmates in other cohorts and practice coaching together. The program is very practical and informative. I’ll recommend Margie and Paradigm 21 to anyone who would like to pursuit coaching as your next profession!

- Alice Cheung  ACC, Ex Luxury Retail Trainer Coach,  Career Coach, City University of Hong Kong

Margie is the best training coach any one can have. She is very knowledgeable, patient, detail-minded and caring. I did not only learn coaching knowledge and skills from her, but also understand what a good coach really is with her personal demonstration. Big thanks Margie.

- Pakki Chan  ACC, Head of External Affairs, ex Marketing Manager, Outward Bound Hong Kong

From the transformational coaching programme facilitated by Margie, I learned the coaching techniques that benefit me all my lifetime.  She is so dedicated in sharing her knowledge and experiences, and provides incisive feedback on individual coaching performance with the aim of grooming each and everyone to be a successful coach.

- Lester Ng  ACC,  Senior HR  Employee Relations, Modern Terminal

I joined Margie's ICF accredited program last January and just completed today. I would say she has mastered the coaching skill and could deliver to us effortless.  We could easily follow her path to practice and to excel our coaching skill under a tight schedule. I highly recommend her to whom are interested in or to have a career in coaching.

- Francis Ng, Talent & Learning Professional, Hang Seng Bank

I was fortunate enough to experience first-hand Margie's expertise as the trainer and mentor on the Professional Coaching For Transformational Change training in HK in 2021.  Although I have taken a few coaching courses in the past, Margie's caring and support has breathed new perspective and life into my practice and increased my confidence.  Her own presence as a coach and mentor really gave me something to aspire to.

- Alexandra Lo ACC,  Training Officer, Yau Lee Holdings & #IamRemarkable Facilitator

I've had the pleasure of being trained by Margie for my ICF-coaching certification, and I must say I've enjoyed every lessons. Margie always brings immense experience and wisdom to the training sessions.

- Diana Rahman,  Author & Specialist Corporate Trainer in Singapore

Transformational Coaching has really brought me to the next level of my career.  It brings great positive enhancement to people.  Many thanks to Margie from Paradigm21 Executive Leadership Coaching Academy, I do not hesitate to recommend it to anyone.

- Carman Chung ACC,  Human Resources Director Hermes

What Clients Say....

Margie's coaching and training is powerful.  Inspiration could be made within few seconds. Really enjoy the journey with her and looking forward to next journey. Can't wait.

Hey, I got my PCC today!

- Maple Ho, PCC - HR Manager, HK, S China & Taiwan, Logistics

- Appreciate for your effort throughout our lectures. Thanks for the solid and valuable Transformational Change course. During the course, I do feel the solid coaching and warm interaction between the classes. I learn the coaching skill as an outsider become a beginner of the coach. During practical session, I gain a chance to practice myself as a coach and client to understand the dynamic of the coaching session.  

- Jeremy, Resident Engineer  JMK Consulting Engineers

Margie Poon is a very encouraging and considerate mentor who shared loads of experience and knowledge to us. It’s always a lesson to me when I have chance to speak to Margie. Thanks again for your caring. It’s a very good start if you are interested in coaching. Transform to be someone who can influence people to transform.

- Eliz Cheung, Director of Wellness, Shangri-La Group

Completed an extraordinary training program on Coaching. It is a wonderful learning experience with the teammate. I totally recommend this inspiring and well-designed course if you strive to be a certified coach. Thanks Margie in leading this class with great passion, drive, focus, and humbleness. Appreciate your efforts in making positive impacts through your contribution and uncompromising dedication in your coaching works.

- Gordon Yiu, Senior Sales Operations Manager, Oracle


Leadership Development Training Program client say.........
“Coaching & Team-building with Impact".  Margie S Poon personally delivered a highly effective interactive, engaging, team coaching and team-building programme with key members of my staff during our annual national China event. The team feedback was beyond my expectations. Not only enjoyable, but they all clearly benefitted from the tips and techniques Margie embedded in their thinking. My personal observations are it has positively impacted their team spirit, attitudes and behaviors at work. Thanks Margie for your contribution to our success! 

- Chris Teunissen, Executive Director  Netherlands Foreign Investment Agency, Shanghai China


- Paradigm21 custom designed and delivered a proven and effective Leadership Development Program (LDP) which was conducted over a period of 1 year and Margie was the Facilitator for this program. Margie worked closely with the HR project team to ensure that the program would be implemented and delivered effectively. She possess strong knowledge on the leadership/people management topics.  Enlightening perspectives and insights were shared with the participants and the high practicality of the tools and methodology were demonstrated. LDP had provided the participants with enhanced behavioral and leadership competencies which are evidenced by their active application at the workplace with successes. It was a very delightful experience working with Paradigm21 and its team. I look forward to future opportunities working together and our continued partnership. Thank you, Margie and Paradigm 21.

-Angeline Ong, Regional HR Manager & Business Partner Dril-Quip Singapore

What Executive Coaching Clients Say....

- Margie S Poon is one of the most skilled, knowledgeable and passionate coaches one can work with.  She is highly knowledgeable on a variety of developmental topics and inspired me to achieve my  sustainable developmental goals.  I have benefited immensely from her and would highly recommend Margie to anyone looking for a remarkable and par excellence coach!

- Suchismita Das,  Director & Cluster Head, MNC at HSBC Global  Singapore (2022)

- "Margie Poon was my executive coach for four years.  We spent a lot of time on Paradigm21 Multiple Intelligence Thinking Styles (MITS) Model which provides insight into four main personal capabilities. Each results in a distinct leadership style. The application of the model offered a huge breakthrough as to how I understood people and their behavior in my work environment.  I was able to think, work and manage with better acceptance and more effective strategies.  We reviewed this model in variations time after time and applied it to new circumstances as time passed.  It never failed to provide access to new information of my surroundings.

Margie is a very personable coach who genuinely cares about my professional and as well personal development. She believes that a good executive can only perform when his or her life outisde of work is cared about.  We spent time discussing striking a good balance between work and personal life.  

Margie is highly ethical and trustworthy.  All along the way, she kept the contents of our discussions strictly confidential.  I was very comfortable collaborating with her on strategies on any matters. Our relatonship has developed from Margie being an executive coach to a great mentor of mine.

I highly recommend Margie to all management level professionals who seek for external or internal coaching in their very demanding workplaces."

- Nila Ng, Managing Director, Head of APG Listed Real Estate Investments, Asia Pacific  

******More on request.........

Abstract Futuristic Background

What some great leaders say.... about Robert 's coaching !!



Robert is a highly skilled, patient and experienced coach, bringing multiple perspectives and analytics to any given issue. His solid background and numerous real life examples push to self awareness and bring the best out of oneself. Thank you Robert for the guidance throughout our journey together.

An extremely valuable journey, supported by the various resources and references to refer to at any point in time. 

Robert is a highly skilled, patient and experienced coach, bringing multiple perspectives and analytics to any given issue. His solid background and numerous real life examples push to self awareness and bring the best out of oneself.                                                                         


 --- Edith Lin  Head of Institutional Sales & Global Head Life Coverage,  HSBC

Robert was recommended by company HR for my leadership skills development. He has a unique style and personality that made me comfortable and trust him as a coach and person. During the next 18 months, Robert helped me understand key personality traits of my stakeholders that strengthened relationships and communication. He also increased my self-awareness, which made me more effective both personally and professionally. I would highly recommend Robert as coach for senior leaders.                                                                              

-- Kitping Auyeung - Chief Commercial Officer, Manufacturing, COATS Group 

Robert's coaching stretched me to take a more holistic perspective from different angles in a very structural way. It further enhanced my leadership skills by using a coaching style to motivate, engage and empower my team. I got many encouraging feedback from my team with the changes I made.

Our time together inspired me generate creative, practical ideas to formulate a change strategy while successfully adapting to organizational changes under different constraints. Working with Robert was a thought-provoking and personally gratifying experience and strongly recommended for those in having breakthrough in leadership skill and thinking process. Robert's coaching stretched me to take a more holistic perspective from different angles in a very structural way. It further enhanced my leadership skills by using a coaching style to motivate, engage and empower my team. I got many encouraging feedback from my team with the changes I made. 

- Kenneth Siu, ex-COO FITBIT Asia, 

Robert was my Executive Coach for more than a year. He has tremendous experience and knowledge in building strong leadership influence skills and providing practical tools to approach challenges and opportunities in various ways. He helped build my confidence and performance as an executive leader. Robert assisted me in team transformations, presentations skill, assessing people to identify and leverage their core competencies. Every session was “just in time” to solve challenges in the moment. Having an objective listener and advisor helped me take a more holistic view to decide the best actions to improve the outcome. I am grateful for his support and will continue to use the tools provided in my future as a leader, coach and strategic innovator.

-- Kristina Militante,  CIO  GAP Tech, Shanghai 

Robert has been my executive coach for the past 1 year in 2014.  He has been very insightful and provides effective guidance on executive presence, impactful presentation techniques and preparing interesting power point slides to captivate the target audience.
Robert has written several books which I find very useful. They are simple to understand and practical in usage. It reminds us of our daily operational needs and how to maximise our impact. I would recommend reading his books and engaging with Robert to address personal development gaps.

-- Dr Timothy LOW,  CEO & Board of Director, Farrer Park Hospital,  Board Advisor AUM Biosciences, AUTHOR, Linkedin Most Viewed

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